Founded in 1998, with more than 2,000,000 m2 of roofs sold, Profi Tető Ltd. is a well established leading company in the roofing material trade business in Hungary, moreover, it has played a pioneer role in the robotics manufacturing of roof structures since those days.

Our suppliers and partners have rewarded our achievements with countless awards. Beyond the everyday high standard business it is also our mission to contribute to the development of our profession and to create value for our customers by unique ideas and projects. To name a few - the Roof Village sample park, the special wood storage technology, the production of roof structures with robotics, and the Roof Conferences we regularly organize. The high professionalism of our salesforce guarantees that we can efficiently find the optimal solutions for the needs of all partners and customers.

The second branch of the company, called Profi Home Furniture Store makes thousands of homes more stylish and trendy every year.

The company's most innovative division called Profi Greentech has a strong commitment to contribute to stopping the recent challenge of climate change and to preserving the natural values of our environment.

Profi Greentech division is a member of the Board of MNNSZ (Hungarian Solar Panel and Solar Collector Association), it is a strategic installation partner of MVM, the Hungarian electricity supplier, and it is also a dedicated service partner of several innovative solar brands like Recom Technologies and Solar Edge. Profi Greentech is the exclusive distributor of the French Recom solar panels and inverters in Hungary and the Finnish Rauli mounting system in Central-Europe, serving the market with high-quality European products.

Our slogan draws attention to the fact that even the slightest action we take to protect the environment counts in these crucial years: "Take action to control climate change with us!”



We want to take an active part in keeping earth life healthy, which is why we strongly represent the environmentally conscious approach in our daily operations and long-term business policy.
We do believe that each small step counts: by installing a single solar system of our own, we can help keep things moving in the right direction.
That is why our slogan says: "Take action to control climate change with us!”



We are always looking for innovation, good quality, excellent value for money, long-term solutions, and for this our professional team likes to take new challenges every day.

As an experienced employer, we know that one of the main values is the expert team. That is why we do everything to ensure that our employees receive regular professional training, safe and brand new equipment, well-designed and latest technology office conditions, outstanding wages and respect in all aspects.

We do believe that the well-being of our employees is the first step towards customer satisfaction.


We have selected our product range with great care to meet all professional requirements and standards, to follow the latest developments and trends.

We are always seeking brand new innovations in the field of green technology. As we offer long-term solutions and have been on the market for more than 24 years, our well established business arrangement is a guarantee that our customers are always able to enforce the warranty with us, even in the upcoming years.


The continuously expanding customer base shows that people appreciate the effort we make to continuously improve our efficiency.

Our decades of experience guarantee that we can find the most reliable, optimal, fast and cost-effective solutions, tailored to the customer's needs, by complex procedures and analysis.


We are constantly developing our product portfolio and our services.

Green technology is a field that has the most interesting and exciting innovation that can impact our future so it is our passion to give the latest innovations to our partners and customers. We strive to provide better service to our customers and partners with unique ideas and solutions that are in line with current trends and market expectations.

We also make sure that this value is noticeable not only for large projects, but also for small orders.


It is very important to us that our customers get a secure, reliable and well-working system that performs for a long time.

Our customers can always feel that the handling and execution of their orders is safe in our careful hands.


We compile our competitive prices not in the hope of making a quick profit, but in the spirit of a long-term successful business policy. That’s why our customers are happy with us and proud to become returning customers and boldly recommend us to others.

We keep in mind that a good solution does not necessarily mean the most expensive variation.

After a thorough examination of each request for quotation, our expert colleagues suggest several options for finding a good value for money that suits the individual preferences.

We always seek and recommend the best possible price to our customers in line with the required technical content.

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